test Infrastructure Development Africa

Infrastructure Development Africa

14:56 06 December in

The “Infrastructure Development Africa IDA” is a international Summit and trade fair for the development of the African infrastructure market. IDA is a platform for infrastructure developers that seeks to promote, enable and improve infrastructure development activities in Africa with the expertise of European and international...

Pipe and Sewer Conference

11:46 01 April in

Poorly constructed and uneconomically operated, leaking urban pipe and sewer networks are major cost drivers and damage the environment. In many places around the world water losses are extremely high and damaged sewers pollute the ground water. The PIPE AND SEWER CONFERENCE discusses these problems...

Pipeline Technology Conference

08:21 07 October in

Since 2006, the main focus of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is on latest technologies and new developments in the international pipeline industry. Besides an overview on international key projects, new construction methods, and an insight into new operation & maintenance, rehabilitation, in-line inspection and...